Secure data and document exchange expert

  • UNI Systems
  • Brussels, Belgium
  • Mar 10, 2023
Full time

Job Description

  • Architecture, design and implementation of the integration layer between backend systems and secure messaging software
  • Provide expert advice on confidentiality, integrity, authorisation, authentication, non-repudiation, availability
  • Provide comprehensive guidance and consulting for the optimisation of the integration layer
  • Participate to the maintenance of technical specifications related to transport and messaging protocols and their implementation in software


  • Master's level degree in a related subject (2 years of experience is equal to 1 year of studies).
  • At least 9 years of experience in ICT field.
  • Very good knowledge of
    • message format standards: XML, XSD, XPATH, WSDL, JSON, JSON schema
    • common data and document exchange patterns
    • IBM Case Manager, IBM Filenet APIs
  • Good knowledge of digital signature and encryption with X509 certificates, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), XAdES
  • Extensive knowledge of techniques used to secure Web applications: HTTP, TLS, WS-Security, Content Security Policy, Web Services (SOAP and REST)
  • Extensive knowledge of backend development techniques: inheritance, polymorphism, SOLID principles, data types, concurrency, design patterns, unit testing
  • Extensive knowledge of Java and related development technologies: Spring (Spring MVC, Spring Security), J2EE, JAXB
  • Good knowledge of testing tools: SoapUI
  • Good knowledge of databases, directories and transactions: SQL, JDBC,
  • Good knowledge of monitoring tools: Dynatrace
  • Experience in the use of Atlassian collaborative tools (like Confluence and Jira)
  • Experience with Agile development methodologies: SCRUM